Planned, Practiced and Perfected

Designed To Transform Your Physique, Optimise Your Performance and Improve Your Biology, Quickly, Easily, Without Having To Resort To Highly Restrictive Diets Or Complicated Meal Plans That Take Over Your Life, Make You Miserable And Ultimately Fail You.’
— ha'k:d

The Only Plan You Will Need

Replaces Your WillPower With Positive Nutritional Habits

Improves Your Physical Transformation and Optimisation By Up To 400%

Harnesses The Power Of A Nutritional Strategy Responsible For 95% Of Your Results.


The ha’k:d Plan Is A Proven ‘16:8 Intermittent Fasting’ Biohacking Nutritional Strategy That Will Literally Re-Wire Your 'Subconscious Biology' For Faster and Permanent Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Performance Improvement.


Experience The Benefits Of The ha’k:d Plan Today

The Results That You Have Always Wanted and Deserve

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Rapid, Increased and Sustained Body fat Cutting and Weight Loss.


Increased Growth and Maintenance Of Muscle Mass, Strength and Functionality.

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Greater Optimisation Of Performance, Endurance and Recovery.


Improved Brain Cognitive Function, Concentration and Memory.

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Better Biological Foundation, Cell Repair, Insulin Sensitivity, Anti-Aging and Longevity.

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Easier Nutritional Lifestyle With Minimal Meal Planning, Preparation and Less Hunger.


Real World Results

If You Have Been Convinced That You Just Can’t Succeed With Losing Fat Or Building Muscle, Improving Your Performance and Biological Foundation Through Your Diet Because Of Your Previous Experiences Then I Want To Put Those Fears To Rest Now.

What people don’t realise is how simple this plan is to follow - despite this, I cannot state strongly enough how well it has transformed my physique, performance and build a solid health foundation, like it will yours.
— Justin 'GOJI' Conway
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*Results are always individual and may vary from person to person

You Can Do This….You Just Need The Right Person To Explain It To You and Guide You Easily Through The Right Nutrition Strategy To Follow That Puts You Right In The Driving Seat Of Your Body Transformation - Making Your Own Decisions On When and What You Eat From The Plan Designed To Meet Your Exact Needs.


Tasty Meals As Standard

Not Only Does The ha’k:d Plan Bring You Awesome Results But It Does This By Bringing You Over 95 Awesomely Tasty Meal Choices.

As Well As An Awesomely Effective Strategy You Will Discover Incredible Pre Planned Recipes For Main Meals, Snacks, Shakes and Smoothies.

This is not a low calorie, restrictive diet. You’ll be eating amazing food from a tasty new menus and you won’t be going hungry.

To keep things simple for you, we have already done all of the planning and calculations so all you really need to do is choose the meals, snacks, shakes and smoothies you like the look of, get the ingredients, prepare and eat them.

By sticking to your individual number of Main meals, Snacks and Shakes you will be guaranteed success - it really is that easy.

Not Only Will You Achieve Your Best Results But You Will Also Find It Super Simple To Follow and Implement Into Your Lifestyle and Actually Look Forward To Your Next Meal.

By Following The Combination Of The ‘16:8 Intermittent Fasting’ Style Of Eating and Consuming Healthy, Portion Controlled Meals, Snacks, Shakes and Smoothies You Can Expect To Experience The Best Results You Have Ever Achieved.

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By Sticking To Your Individual Number Of Main Meals, Snacks, Shakes and Smoothies You Will Be Guaranteed Success - It Really Is That Simple.
— Justin 'GOJI' Conway

Unlimited Online Support

No Matter How Easy and How Effective the ha’k:d Plan Maybe, ha’k:d Will Never Let You Go Through Your Transition and Optimisation On Your Own.

When Extra Support Will You Get With Your ha’k:d Plan?

  • FREE unlimited nutritional support -

    Access To Your Very Own Experienced and Qualified Nutrition Coach When Ever You Need Him Via Messenger, Email and social media.

  • FREE Exclusive access to ha’k:d Community -

    Join In The Conversation With Access ToThe Facebook support group for All The Nutritional Support and Accountability You Could Need.

  • FREE updates to your plan for life.

When ever there is updates to the plans strategy or improved or added contents you wont have t buy a whole new plan to stay up to date - You will get it free!

  • FREE Personal 10% discount code -

    Save On Every Purchase You Make Of All ha’k:d Nutrition Labs supplements - To Use For Life.


Your ha’k:d Plan Is Waiting For You

Your ha’k:d Plan Is All About Giving You The Greatest Simplicity and Flexibility Around What You Eat and When You Eat It.

The Real Key To The Success Of Your Plan, and Therefore Your Own Personal Transformation Success, Is In The Simplicity and Flexibility You Will Find Whilst Following Our Simple and Straightforward Advice.

With Your Plan You Will Develop An Effortless Nutritional Lifestyle That Is Not Dominated By Constant Thoughts, Planning, Preparation Or Consumption Of Food.

All The Planning and Calculations Have Been Done For You By Us and Presented To You In Over 95 Delicious and Nutrition Portion Controlled Meals, Snacks and Shakes Recipes.

This Will Bring About Your Real Body Transformation and Performance Optimisation Changes, Whilst Improving Your Overall Biology, Energy and Hormone Balance.

This Is Possibly The Last Nutrition Plan You Will Ever Need, One That You Have Control Over and One That We Really Are Confident You Will Achieve Long Term Success With.

Get Your Plan Today and Start Seeing Real Results Tomorrow!


Testimonials & Feedback

What a great strategy, makes it really simple and flexible….Genius!
— M. Edgington
I didn’t think I was going to lose any weight with the meals I was eating, but I lost 4 pounds already in week 1!
— Z. Tettmar
I have lost over 4 pounds in the first week - and I never lose weight on diets!
— N. Ellis
I feel great, after only a few weeks I have noticed a difference in my sleep, mood, energy and most of all my performance in the gym.
— D. Taylor
Follow the advice and be fuelled with a mad fury for your fitness transformation - what a great plan that speaks the truth about nutrition.
— S. Lee
The best nutritional plan you are ever going to get! It is so informative that I should have had mine framed. It is amazing and money well spent. If anyone is looking to have the plan please don’t hesitate another minute. Justin gives a 110% attention to detail and all you need to do is just take his advice and change your life - I am well on my way to changing mine.
— L. Wilson

Four Simple Steps To Your Success


We Start With A Small Questionnaire

This will give us a clear understanding of your current condition, weight and what you need to do in order to achieve your transformation and get the best start possible.


Your Plan Will Be Tailored To You

We will then create and tailor your meal plan to suit your transformation needs using over 95 of our delicious recipes of main meals, snacks, shakes and smoothies.


You Begin Your Personal Plan

After just 48 hours you will receive your completed tailor made nutrition plan sent via email. Your transformation can now begin by following the strategy and tailored meals.


You Get Sustained Transformation

Boom! As soon as you start following the plan you will start getting positive transformation results. The longer you remain on the plan the greater your results will be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does this plan produce such great results ?

  • The power behind this plan is that it combines calorie controlled, delicious and easy to prepare meals, snacks and shakes that are eaten during an intermittent fasting eating ‘window’. This brings about guaranteed fat loss, performance and health improvement results from regular fasting and good nutrition.

Q. How Long does it take before I start seeing these results ?

  • You will start to see and feel the difference almost instantly. Unlike most diets and plans you will start losing unwanted body fat and feel more energised, balanced and healthier within the first few days. Your results will get better and better the longer you stay following this plan.

Q. How Much fat and weight can I lose on this plan ?

  • The ULTIM8 Body transformation Nutrition Plan is much more than just a weight loss plan, but it is extremely effective at shedding unwanted body fat. Most clients report losing anywhere between 4 - 6 lbs in the very first week. The longer you remain on the plan and adopt it into your lifestyle the more unwanted fat you will lose.

Q. How Long can I stay on this plan ?

  • This plan is ideal to be adopted either short term - until your desired weight, physique or performance goals are achieved or adopted into your everyday nutrition lifestyle that you can remain on for as long as you like. For best result I recommend following the plan for at least 3 months to achieve optimal results.

Q. Will the meal plans be suitable for me even I can’t eat certain foods ?

  • With over 95 meals, snacks, shakes and smoothies recipes there is literally something that will suit anyones food choices or restrictions. (We are currently working on a Vegan and Vegetarian meal plan which will be coming soon but not available yet) With free updates for life on the plan you will get new and updated recipes as and when they become available sent directly to your email inbox.

Q. How long can I use my supplement discount code for ?

  • Once you have signed up for the plan you will receive a personal 10% discount code that you can use against any of the ha’k:d Nutrition Labs supplement range. This can be used as many times as you like and for as long as you need to buy these high quality supplements.

Q. I have a question about the plan, how can I get in touch with you ?

  • We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about nutrition, anything about the plan or anything about supplements to help your body transformation and optimisation. You can get in touch via email at ‘’ or on any social media platform.

Our 100% No Risk Promise - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Your Risk Free Transformation.

You Literally Have Nothing To Lose But Your Unwanted Body Fat and Mediocrity!

We Can Guarantee That The ha’k:d Plan Will 100% Work For As Long As You Follow It!

All You Have To Do Is Follow The Plan As Closely As Possible For At Least 30 days and If The Program Didn’t Work For You In Any Way Within The First 30 Days We Will Refund Your Money!


Start Your Body Transformation Journey Now !


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