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Our Unique Brand Of Supplements Bring You An Enhanced Level Of Human Performance and Optimisation Through Advanced Nutritional Support.

Every Supplement In The Range Has Been Designed and Formulated Specifically For Law Enforcement, Military and Elite Level Performers To Create The Best Environment For Maximum Strength, Fitness, Physique and Wellbeing Optimisation.

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*Please always check the label as not all supplements will be certified as suitable for Vegans, Kosher or Organic

*Please always check the label as not all supplements will be certified as suitable for Vegans, Kosher or Organic

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Enhance, Optimise and Support Focus, Concentration, Mental Performance, Memory Recall and Energy Levels.

A Specialised Combination Of Herbs, Vitamins and Mineral Ingredients That Supports Your Ability To Think More Clearly Under Pressure and Providing Valuable Additional Nutritional Energy To Your Brain and Body.

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Support and Super-Charge Your Body's Natural Fat Burning and Weight Loss Processes.

A Powerful Thermogenic Fat Metaboliser and Herbal Weight Loss Supplement Providing Greater Energy Levels, Feelings Of Fullness, Thyroid Function, Carbohydrate, Lipid and Fatty Acid Metabolism, Stable Blood Sugar Levels



Develop, Optimise and Maintain Peak Energy Levels, Strength and Both Physical and Mental Performance.

A Supercharged, Unique and Powerful BCAA Supplement, Providing An Advanced Blend Of Branched Chain Amino Acids, Electrolytes and Multivitamins For Pre & Intra and Post Workout Optimised Training, Performance and Recovery.


Upgrade Your Complete Biological Foundation And Ensure Proper Gut and Body Function.

A Super Powerful Probiotic Supplement Providing 8 Strains and 20 Billion Live ‘Friendly’ Bacteria To Enhance Optimal Gut Health and Performance, Offering Full-Spectrum Support Of The Upper and Lower Bowel.

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Encourages Your Body's Natural Elimination Of Stored Water and Waste, Contributing To A Reduction Of Tiredness and Fatigue, Electrolyte Balance, Normal Psychological and Muscle function.

A Highly Effective Combination Of Concentrated Herbals and Nutrients, Designed To Support Optimum Fluid Levels in the body.



Increase Healthy Dairy Free Protein Intake For Recovery, Growth, Immune System and Digestive Health & Vitality.

A Light, Nutritious Meal Replacement Fortified With Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Fibre Which Is Also Gluten Free and Suitable For Vegans, People With Sensitive Stomachs and Those With A Dairy Allergy Or Lactose Intolerance.


Combat Daily Stress and Support Your Hormonal and Adrenal Health,

An Advanced Synergistic Combination Of Herbs, Roots, and Vitamins, Also Formulated To Support Your Immune System Function, Energy Levels, Mental Performance and A Sense Of Calm, Focus and Vitality In Order To Greatly Improve Performance.

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Supporting and Maintaining Optimal Muscle Growth, Repair and Function.

A Premium Quality Whey Protein Powder Developed From An Advanced Blend Of Concentrate and Isolate With NO Artificial Flavours, Colours or Sweeteners - Providing over 23g of protein and just 2g of fat per 30g serving, this formula contains only the highest grade hormone-free milk.


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