The ha'k:d Plan

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The ha'k:d Plan

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This Transformation and Optimisation Nutrition Plan Will Give You Simplicity and Flexibility With What You Eat and When You Eat It, Whilst Bringing About Real Body Transformation Changes, Performance Optimisation and Biological Improvement.

The ha’k:d Plan Will Allow You To Follow An Effortless Nutritional Lifestyle That Is No Longer Dominated By Constant Thoughts, Planning, Preparation Or Consumption Of Food.


Whilst On This Plan You Will Experience…

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  • A simple and easy approach to eating using a proven 16:8 Intermittent fasting strategy.

  • Dramatic changes in how your body burns fat leading to faster, easier and permanent fat and weight loss.

  • An ‘Auto pilot’ like response to working towards your physique and performance goals with far less effort and willpower required to stick to the plan.

  • Increased muscle building potential leading to bigger, stronger and better functioning muscles.

  • More free time away from planning, preparation and consumption of food to be more productive or do with what you like.

  • Greater self control over what you eat with far less hunger and cravings.

  • Improved athletic performance, greater endurance and an awesome looking physique.

  • Improved balance and availability of energy throughout the day.

  • A more positive mood, mindset, cognitive ability, drive and greater self motivation.

  • Improved health and lifestyle conditions such as Insulin sensitivity, reduced inflammation, better heart health, increased prevention against cancer.

  • Faster recovery, cell repair, adaptation from stress and better results from your training and workouts.

  • Greater Anti-aging effects, improved longevity and a more positive self image


What Our Clients Have Told Us

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This is mint... I seem to have so much more energy, motivation and drive to complete my training it’s unlike anything I have followed before and the fact I am actually losing fat and looking sharper is an added bonus.
— S. Lambert
I have lost nearly a stone in weight after only 2 months and haven’t even been sticking to the plan that closely. I haven’t been this light in years.
— Z. Conway
I have lost 9 Kilos and have only been following the plan for 12 days. This plan is amazing, I feel so much better already and no longer have indigestion problems and feel great - everyone keeps asking what I have been doing.
— R. Gomm
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What a great strategy, makes it really simple and flexible….Genius!
— M. Edgington
Follow the advice and be fuelled with a mad fury for your fitness transformation - what a great plan that speaks the truth about nutrition.
— S. Lee
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I feel great, after only a few weeks I have noticed a difference in my sleep, mood, energy and most of all my performance in the gym.
— D. Taylor

What You Will Get…

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  • Easy to follow personal and tailor made nutrition plan - summarised with checklists and useful forms

  • Over 95 Simple and easy to prepare, personalised recipes covering main meals, snacks, shakes and smoothies

  • Effective performance optimisation supplement guide and recommendations

  • Meal plan hacking guide to make your plan fit in with your lifestyle as simple as possible

  • FREE unlimited nutritional support and access to your very own experienced and qualified nutritionist coach when ever you need him via Messenger, Email and social media.

  • FREE Exclusive access to ha’k:d Community Facebook support group for support and accountability.

  • FREE updates to your plan FOR LIFE.

  • Personal 10% discount code to use FOR LIFE off of all ha’k:d Nutrition Labs supplements


How It Works…

  • It Starts With A Small Questionnaire -

This will give us a clear understanding of your current condition, weight and what you need to do in order to achieve your transformation and get the best start possible.

Once you complete it simply send it back to us and we will get to work

  • Your Plan Will Be Tailored To You -

When we receive your questionnaire back we will then create and tailor your meal plan to suit your nutritional transformation needs.

We use over 95 of our delicious recipes of main meals, snacks, shakes and smoothies for you.

  • You Begin Your Personal Transformation Plan -

After no longer than 48 hours of receiving your returned questionnaire, you will receive your completed tailor made nutrition plan sent via email.

Your real body transformation can now begin by following the easy to follow strategy and tailored meals, snacks and smoothies.

  • You Get Sustained Transformation Results -

Boom! As soon as you start following the plan you will start getting positive transformation results.

The longer you remain on the plan the greater your results will continue to get.


Our 100% No Risk Promise - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Risk Free Transformation…

You Literally Have Nothing To Lose But Your Unwanted Body Fat.

We Can Guarantee That The ha’k:d ULTIM8 Body Transformation Nutrition Plan Will 100% Work For As Long As You Follow It!

All You Have To Do Is Follow The Plan As Closely As Possible For At Least 30 days and If The Program Didn’t Work For You In Any Way Within The First 30 Days We Will Refund Your Money!


Start Your ha’k:d Body Transformation Nutrition Plan Now

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