We Have Worked Hard In The Development Of A Premium Nutritional Biohacking Coaching And Supplement Brand Who Is Proud To Bring You The Most Positive Results In The Development, Transformation and Optimisation Of Your Performance, Physique and Biological Foundation.
— Justin 'GOJI' Conway

About ha’k:d

We Will Guide You Effortlessly Through The ‘Hacks’ Of Simple, Effective Biological Transformation.


At ha’k:d, we understands that your life is complicated enough....so following an effective nutrition plan definitely shouldn’t be!

As biohacker and qualified performance and physique nutrition coach, Justin ‘Goji’ Conway - founder of ha’k:d, has done all of the research, testing, calculations and planning for you, giving you the benefits of the best nutritional biohacks and providing you with the simplest, most powerful formula for success.

Providing the simplest and best nutritional advice, coaching, meal plans and premium supplements, you will find everything you need on the ha’k:d website - simple, straightforward, hassle free and all extremely effective.

ha’k:d will enable you to change to the way you look, feel and perform by losing body fat, building muscle and greatly improving your biological foundation. Furthermore you will be doing this by not wasting your time and your efforts on complicated, highly restrictive ‘diets’ that usually take over your life, make you miserable and ultimately fail you.

Make sure you stick with ha’k:d and Hack Yourself Phenomenal.


30 Years In The Making

ha’k:d Has Been Learning, Developing and Experiencing Lessons In Nutritional Transformation and Optimisation For Some Years.


Prior to founding ha’k:d, Justin ‘GOJI’ Conway was a committed natural body builder, weight lifter and fighter, holding a Black Belt In Tae Kwon Do whilst also training in boxing, kick boxing and other martial arts.

Over the last 30 years he has developed him self into a true ‘Hybrid Athlete’ - training as a runner, cyclist and then combining these into training for and taking part in numerous triathlons.

The simple fact was that my diet and nutrition wasn’t right for what I was trying to achieve as a natural athlete over the age of 30. This was despite what I thought I knew and what I was being told about mainstream dieting and nutrition.
— Justin 'GOJI' Conway

He has always been into what is now termed as ‘biohacking’, with his personal mission being to defy his age and be able to continue to train hard and consistently every day to improve his performance, remain competitive and developing his physique by building lean muscle mass and cutting body fat even well into his forties.

Like most, although his training was consistent, finding the right nutrition strategy from the numerous popular magazines and websites to ensure he was getting the best results from his training was almost impossible.

He followed all of the suggested diets that the pro’s and celebrity trainers were promoting, jumping from one plan to the next without any real progress and success.

Starting to struggle with dropping testosterone levels due to his age and the resulting loss of muscle mass and a rise in body fat something needed to change.

Despite training harder to improve his physique and performance, Justin was really struggling to find a nutrition regime that gave him the results that he wanted.

Although he was maintaining strength and fitness, he was carrying around 25% body fat and this was having detrimental effect on his overall athletic performance, recovery time, energy levels, mood and health.

At this point he began to study nutrition for himself in order to learn and understand how a proper nutritional approach could benefit him and transform and optimise his goals, rather than acting on other so called ‘experts’ opinions.


Developing A Plan

The Effectiveness Of This Plan Is All About Knowledge Of What Works Combined With The Experience Of Putting It All Into Practice.

In order to develop the most effective nutrition plan, Justin studied advanced diet, sports and exercise nutrition with The health sciences academy and Stonebridge associated colleges, qualifying with Level 5 professional diploma (Distinction). This enabled him to teach both himself and others in science based nutritional strategies that were proven to be effective.

Using this knowledge as a base he planned, practiced and perfected the best way to make his nutrition do exactly what he wanted it to - Transforming and optimising his performance, physique and developing a solid biological (health) foundation from which everything else is built, regardless of age and current condition. With this knowledge, he has achieved a great deal of personal success, as he did with his clients, however what was apparent was the sheer amount of time and effort it was actually taking to achieve this success.

I wound up getting very frustrated with how complicated things were in order to get the results my clients and I demanded. I needed to discover and develop a new approach which simplified everything whilst giving great results. I need to start biohacking my nutrition.
— Justin 'GOJI' Conway

Although this was very effective, in order to see real transformation and optimisation results, a person needed to become totally focussed to the point of obsession in planning, weighing, measuring, preparing and recording every mouthful of food that they ate - and this was becoming very complicated and time consuming to the detriment of everything else…...This may sound familiar?

Justin then began researching ‘Nutrigenomics’ and applied a Nutritional biohacking approach in the form of a 16:8 style intermittent fasting nutritional strategy. This narrowed down his ‘window’ he would eat to around 8 hours a day and seemed to give him a nutritional solution to his goals..

Having studied, practiced and perfected his form of Nutrigenomics the transformation he made to his own physique, performance and health was nothing short of phenomenal!

Our Story 2.png

This nutritional biohacking strategy -built around the 16:8 Intermittent Fasting protocol, not only took him from around 25% Body fat down to 4% in a few short months, but also gave him more time throughout the day to do what he wanted - spend time training, time with his family and friends, relaxing or simply just doing other things instead of constantly thinking about, preparing, eating or recording what he was eating.

From his knowledge and experience of adopting this type of eating strategy, he developed what is now known simply as ‘The ha’k:d Plan’

This could actually be the ‘ultimate nutritional biohack’ for allowing his clients and himself to transform their physiques and optimise their performance, preserving muscle mass, strength and functionality whilst cutting as much body fat as possible in the healthiest way.

Despite this dramatic drop in my body fat, my energy levels have actually increased, I don’t feel hungry and I have gained muscle, strength, power and endurance - transforming and optimising my physique which I find really easy to maintain.
— Justin 'GOJI' Conway

Since achieving great success with his own transformation and developing The ha’k:d Plan, Justin has helped countless clients, from all backgrounds, to achieve the same dramatic results - far quicker and easier than they could have believed using such a simple approach to their nutrition.

Best of all it could all be done by following a simple strategy - a straight forward strategy which could easily be implemented into any lifestyle, dramatically reducing the amount of planning and preparation needed each day.

This isn’t just another one of those calorie deficit ‘move more, eat less’ diets - It is much more than that…. This could be the ultimate biohacking nutrition plan.


Developing The Most Effective Supplements

We Have Used Only The Finest Earth Grown Nutrients and Scientifically Proven Ingredients For Physique Transformation, Performance Optimisation and Biological Improvement.

At ha’k:d, our mission is all about optimising your nutrition, simply and effectively, to strip fat, build muscle and transform your physique, performance and biological foundation without resorting to highly restrictive diets or complicated meal plans which take over your life, make you miserable and ultimately fail you.

Developing a supplement range that supports your nutrition, physique and performance optimisation has been at the forefront of our development goals to enable everyone to reach their goals in line with this mission.

Through our own personal development and working with clients with all backgrounds, sporting disciplines and physique aspirations we know how powerful good quality, pure source and natural derived supplements can be to achieving goals.
— ha'k:d Nutrition LABS

In order to achieve this we have only ever worked with nutritional supplement manufacturers that share this passion and pride themselves on the quality of their products and processes, being extremely careful in the selection of their natural, from the ground up, ingredients and suppliers.

After years of research and development, working with some of the best supplement manufacturers in the U.K we can now take great pride in be able to providing a naturally effective selection of products to enable everyone to optimise their goals, including a range of organically certified, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and Kosher approved supplements with the highest standards and quality practices, from the raw materials we use to our formulation and manufacturing.

ha’k:d nutrition LABS has now positioned itself firmly at the premium end of the nutrition supplements market by being able to provide the best optimum nutritional biohacking, recovery, muscle building and fat loss supplements in the world for anyone looking to transform their body and performance.

Furthermore, all of our main ingredients are backed by independent testing and thorough scientific research and study.

Unlike most high street products, our supplements are powerful, unique and cutting-edge - continually being refined in line with latest nutritional findings and consumer demand.


Living Our Promise

ha’k:d Is Not Just Any Other Nutritional Meal Plan Provider, Food blogger, Or Supplement Supplier.

At ha’k:d we don’t just sell the promise of total body transformation and performance optimisation, but we actually live it.
— Justin 'GOJI' Conway

Everyone linked to us, from manufacturers of our products, to our highly experienced and qualified nutritionist and founder, sponsored fighters, athletes and clients have bought into this lifestyle, helping to deliver the latest, simple and effective transformation and optimisation results.

Don’t just take our word for it, put it to the test and check up on any of our social media or get in touch - You will always find either something new or useful for you or someone working towards bettering themselves who can inspire or help you to progress further.

We love our clients, customers and supporters and know exactly what they want and need, because we are them!

We live and breathe the nutritional plans, strategies, hacks, supplements and products we create and will always strive to perfect every aspect of body transformation and performance optimisation nutrition for everyone who joins us on this journey as they make our dream and promise a reality.


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